new homes in Oshawa

new homes in Oshawa

Homebuyers have a choice in choosing the perfect home. There are plenty of considerations when looking for a home. Most people focus on the makeup of the structure and tend to place the ownership second in importance. There are plenty of perks that will save the first time homebuyer considerable amounts of money and extensive searches. One way is by considering getting a newly built home. 

A new home with nil previous ownership gives you the benefit of being part of a growing community. You will not have to figure out how to fit into an established culture because you will be part of forging the future. My Upland has considerably new homes that have decent neighbors. This case is because our team performs all the necessary prescreening tests, as is standard with real estate firms.   

Why should you not buy an older home?


The preowned home will need extra support. Ignoring issues like the foundation and the chimney will leave your home vulnerable to falling apart. The expenses of replacing parts will make up for an overall cost that exceeds that of purchasing a new home.


Older homes did not place a lot of value on storage spaces. They, therefore, tend to have smaller interior areas and garages. More importantly, older homes are smaller, except for specific types such as royal mansions.


You may have to install new features such as the HVAC, kitchen installments, or bathroom parts that accommodate your lifestyle. 

Benefits of buying new homes in Oshawa


The warranty of a new home begins after the closure of the mortgage or a successful purchase. Some appliances have a one-year warranty while roofing may have a two-decade warranty. The thought of getting a completely new home should be enough to convince you of the increased safety and minimized expenses.

Edifying options

You can customize plenty of things when you purchase a completely new home. These features include flooring, coloring, and appliances. Homebuilders that allow buyers to participate in the construction process make it easy for one to be comfortable with the final craft. This setup tailors the living experience to match the spent money. 

Energy saving

New homes have a setting that minimizes energy usage. They will usually have updated technology and appliances that do not have a mile-long operating history. The tight sealing of the envelope reduces heat loss in winter, and the newly installed windows make it easy to regulate heat in summer. 


The real estate company is in a position to offer discounts that collaborate the shifts in the real estate market. A home seller may not be open to this setup because they will be considering making benefits from a resale of the house.

Minimal repairs

A new home will have little or no cases of repair. A re-sale home will require that you test out the following systems and appliances:

  • The carpet
  • Water heating system
  • Washing machine
  • Refrigerators
  • Energy stoves
  • Air conditioning units

Buying one of the new homes in Oshawa allows you to gain the most out of a new home. Do not risk your savings or investment money to buying a house that could leave you in debt.

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